WF42H5400AF – Washer

  • 4.2 cu. ft. front load washer
  • Energy Star rated
  • Steam Washing cleans more deeply than traditional water
  • SuperSpeed option completes loads in 40% less time
  • 1,200 RPM maximum spin speed
  • Internal water heater
  • 11 preset options: normal, heavy duty, perm. press, Sanitize, Allergen, towels, bedding, active wear, delicates, quick wash, rinse and spin
  • 12 options: SuperSpeed, steam, SelfClean+, delay end, my cycle, prewash, extra rinse, extra spin, spin only, sound, child lock, Smart Care
  • 5 temperature settings: extra hot, hot, warm, eco warm, cold
  • 5 spin settings: heavy. Heavy medium, normal, low medium, light
  • 5 soil settings: heavy, heavy medium, normal, low medium, light
  • 4 dispenser trays: prewash, main wash, softener, bleach
  • Vibration Reduction Technology (VRT)
  • Self Clean+ cleans the tub without the need for harsh chemicals
  • SmartCare lets you troubleshoot problems with your smart phone
  • Child lock and door lock
  • Pedestal sold separately

DV42H5400EF – Dryer

  • 7.5 cu. ft. front load electric dryer
  • 13 preset cycles: Steam Refresh, Stream Wrinkle Away, normal, heavy duty, permanent press, active wear, bedding, delicates, wool, sanitize, time dry, air fluff, quick dry
  • 11 options: mixed load bell, wrinkle prevent, anti static, small load care, my cycle, rack dry, adjust time, sound, child lock, Smart Care, drum light
  • 5 temperature settings: high, medium, medium low, low, extra low
  • 5 dry levels: very dry, more dry, normal dry, less dry, damp dry
  • Steam Refresh rejuvenates stored clothing
  • Steam Wrinkle Away prevents wrinkles from developing
  • Sensor Dry automatically adjusts drying times based on remaining moisture
  • Smart Care lets your troubleshoot problems with your smart phone
  • Drying rack
  • Reversible see-through door
  • Stainless steel drum
  • 4-way venting
  • Lint filter indicator
  • Pedestal not included










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