We offer a complete line of kitchen appliances, including gas and electric ranges that feature both the smooth top electric or conventional electric coil burners. Our gas models come in sealed burner and standard gas burner versions. Available features on our ranges include self cleaning ovens, electronic ignition, cook and bake timers, large ovens with interior lighting and adjustable racks.

We carry the latest front load washer and dryer units that offer a tremendous savings on water consumption and increase the life of clothing and other fabrics. We also have the top load units available with a variety of features and pricing.

Our refrigerators come in top freezer and side by side models. They feature built in ice and water dispensers on many of the models and ice makers available on most models. And, they come in various colors!

Our freezers are available in chest models and uprights with the convenient frost-free feature. There are various sizes to choose from too.